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Tax Troubles?

Are you wondering how you will ever pay the tax that you owe? Have you not filed tax returns in years? Is CRA ready to take action about your tax problems? The Income Tax Act gives CRA special powers to collect tax debt quickly and effectively, and without a court process. This can lead to garnished wages, pensions, and bank accounts, or CRA taking control of your accounts receivable and property. Once CRA takes action, your available options and approaches to address your tax problem can be limited.

Consumer Proposals, Division I Proposals, or Bankruptcy can stop to most CRA collection activity.

A Trustee is here to solve tax debt problems

Krieger & Company specializes in solving your unique tax problems. Seeking advice from a licensed insolvency trustee is the first step to eliminating your tax debt. Solutions offered by Krieger & Company can let you pay less than you owe, halt interest and penalties, and protect both your assets and income.

An insolvency proceeding, such as a proposal, is the only way to pay less than the tax principal that you owe.

What about a tax lawyer?

Assuming you are within a limited time-frame from the return’s assessment date, a tax lawyer may be able to dispute whether you owe taxes at all based on the technical reasons for the tax assessment. A tax lawyer can also make an application to have penalties and interest reduced in limited special circumstances (called ‘fairness’).

Neither of these solutions help when you legitimately owe your tax but are simply unable to pay. That’s where Krieger & Company comes in. We are able to reduce the principal balance as well as the penalties and interest, and allow low payments to be made over time without interest in your settlement. At our free assessment of your tax situation, we will analyze and discuss with you whether you would benefit from seeing a tax lawyer.

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There is no cost to meet with a licensed insolvency trustee to review your tax situation. Our focus is to resolve your tax issues quickly and cost-effectively. Explore your options and understand your tax debt solutions by contacting Krieger & Company today at 844-508-8088.

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